Choosing the right Patient Bed for best care for Patients

Medical Healthcare Equipment on rent in delhi ncr

Medical Equipment on Rent in Delhi NCR

Comfort for the patient is what matters above anything as it marks the first step in recovery. And recovery comes from caring for the patient by having the right Medical Equipment at the patient's disposal.

Hospital Bed on Rent in Delhi NCR

Recliner bed on rent in delhi ncr

Motorised Recliner on Rent in Delhi NCR

One of many Medical Equipment those aid in recovery for patients, is Hospital Bed. A Hospital Bed comes around in many variants as per the needs of the patients, namely – Manual Hospital Bed, 3 Function Electric Bed, 5 Function Electric Bed. All these come along with their respective mattresses. Another one is Motorized Recliner with Mattress.

Patient Bed on Rent in Delhi NCR

motorised recliner on rent in delhi ncr

Motorised Recliner Patient Bed

  • Generally, all the ones mentioned above are actual beds with Medical Assistance attached to them like Remote for Movement, Holders, but Motorised Recliner is more like a framework of Bed along-with a mattress and an attached motor which assists in reclining movement.
  • This framework can be attached to the existing Bed of the patient at their Home, all it requires is the removal of the existing Mattress with the one that comes along-with Recliner Bed.
  • Such movement allows patients to lay down or sit with the help of this Recliner Bed.
  • The framework is controlled using a Remote attached to it that can be plugged in any normal socket. The care taker or even the patient can control the movement of the Recliner Bed using the Remote. Most Recliner Beds come with 70-90 Degrees of Angular Movement to allow patients to sit up tight whenever required.

Motor Beds on Rent in Delhi

A Hospital Bed sure does has more to it than what a Recliner Bed does, but a Recliner Bed has its own benefits over Hospital Bed. Not only it costs more to buy or rent any Hospital Bed, also a Hospital Bed uses a larger area for a setup, a full bed is replaced for its setup. Whereas a Recliner Bed can be setup on the existing bed in patient’s Home using the framework and the mattress.

Reclining Bed on Rent in Delhi

motorised reclining bed for patients on rent in delhi ncr

Medical Equipment on Rent in Delhi

We at Urban Mediquip, provide such Recliner Bed of the best quality and at the most reasonable rent in Delhi NCR. Our Recliner Bed has the framework which is made of Powder Coated Stainless Steel, an attached powerful motor, remote control with rigid durability and 6-inch Triple Cut Sleepwell Mattress. All this combined provides the best comfort for a patient.

Reclining Bed on Rent in Delhi

motor recliner bed for patients on rent in delhi ncr

Other Recliner Beds Vs Our Recliner Beds

  • Most Recliner Beds comes with only a 4-inch mattress, that too without the cuts. These cuts in Mattress allows easy setup and more comfort for the Patient. Most Mattresses have only 1 Cut, but our Mattresses from Sleepwell comes with 3 Cuts allowing easy setup and storage, and support for the Patient.

Reclining Bed for Patients

  • Also, most Recliner Beds provide only a 70 Degrees of movement, while our Recliner Bed provides 90 Degrees of movement allowing the Patient to sit up tight.
Explore Healthcare/Medical Rental Options in Delhi NCR
  • At Urban Mediquip, we understand the significance of reliable and accessible Medical Equipment for “Care at Home”. Rent the best quality Recliner Bed or any other Medical Equipment like Wheelchair, Oxygen Concentrator, Patient Monitor, BIPAP/CPAP, DVT Pump, Humidifier Bottle, Bacteria Filter, Cannula 2 Meter, Cannula 5 Meter, Cannula 10 Meter, Headgear, Full Face Mask.
  • We provide Home Delivery of all equipment across Delhi NCR and free installation services. You can even connect us on +91 8448704667 or 9413308804 through Call or WhatsApp. Connect with our technical team on +91 9354249495 through Call or WhatsApp for support in regard to issues in the equipment.
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