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Patient Monitor (5 Para) on Rent - Only for Delhi/NCR (Monthly Rental Charges)

Patient Monitor (5 Para) on Rent - Only for Delhi/NCR (Monthly Rental Charges)

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5 Para Patient Monitor

Has abundant functions that can be used for the clinical monitoring of adults, pediatrics, and neonates. Users may select different parameter configurations according to different requirements. The monitor, power supplied by 100-240V~,50/60Hz, adopts a 12.1” color TFT LCD displaying real-time data and waveform. It can synchronously display an eight-channel waveform and full monitoring parameters equipped with an optional 48mm thermal recorder. The monitor can be connected to the central monitoring system via wire or wireless network to form a network monitoring system.

 5 para patient monitor ECG NIBP SpO2 monitor Five-parameter patient monitor


- 12.1” TFT color LCD, multi-language interface.

- Fanless design, quiet, energy-saving, and clean, which reduces the possibility of cross-infection.

- All-round monitor for adult, pediatric, and neonate.

- With the standard interface, oxygen graph, trend graph, big character interface, and view bed, convenient to observe.

- Finish all operations with keys and knobs.

- Maximum 8-channel waveform synchronous display.

- Display 7-lead ECG waveform on one screen, cascade ECG waveform display.

- Adopt digital SpO2 technology, anti-motion, and anti-ambient light interference, and measurement can be performed under the circumstance of weak filling.

- Heart rate variability (HRV) analysis function

- NIBP measurement mode: Manual/AUTO/STAT, storage for 4800-group NIBP data.

- Review for 71 alarm events of all parameters and 60 arrhythmia alarm events.

- Drug concentration calculation and titration table functions.

- One-touch printing of trend graph

- Connect to Central Monitoring System by 3G, Wi-Fi, or wired mode.

- AC/DC, built-in rechargeable lithium battery achieves uninterrupted monitoring.

- Anti-high frequency surgical unit, defibrillation-proof (special leads are necessary).

Portable 5 para monitor Bedside 5 para monitor Multi-parameter patient monitor

Terms of Renting:

Rental Commercials:

* The commercials for renting any equipment will have three major components:
a. Rental Amount: This is shown on product page.
b. Delivery and Pickup charge: This will be auto-calculated and shown on checkout page.
c. Security Deposit: For this, please refer to Clause 5 of Terms of Renting.

* All the above commercial parameters needs to be fulfilled either before delivery or at the time of delivery.

Vital signs monitor ECG monitor with NIBP and SpO2 5 lead ECG monitor

1. Rental Period: Rental period should be decided in advance. Once selected, we will not be able to change the rental period.

2. Renewals: Renewals are allowed subject to the condition that the intention for renewal is communicated at least 3 days in advance. At the time of renewal, the customer will again have an option to decide the tenure of the renewal from the available option. 

3. Maintainence: Since you are opting this for rental plan, if there is any malfunction, Urban Mediquip will give you a replacement unit within 48 hours. However, if there is any physical damage to the product which can be concluded to have happened because of the negligence of the user or which can not be categorized as normal wear and tear, the repairing cost has to be borne by the user. 

4. Transportation Cost: This will be auto-calculated and shown on the checkout page.

5. Security Deposit: For the purpose of security deposit, the user will have to give a one month post dated cheque amounting to Rs. 5,000/- in favor of "Urban Mediquip Private Limited". The cheque needs to be handed over to the same technician who visits to deliver the product. This same cheque will be refunded at the time of return of the equipment.

6. Refund: In no case shall there be a refund of rental amount. The users are requested to carefully opt for the rental period.

7. Inclusions: The price includes the rights to use the product, delivery and pickup of the product.

Blood pressure and oxygen monitor basic continuous monitoring with 5 parameters


- The picture shown on the product page is for representation. The actual product delivered on rent may be cosmetically different but will serve the same purpose as mentioned.

- The product delivered on rent will be a used product however it will be a fair to use product and there will be no compromise in usability of the same.

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