Step-by-Step Guide for setting up Oxygen Concentrator at Home (Oxygen Concentrator on Rent in Delhi NCR)

oxygen concentrator on rent in delhi ncr
Oxygen Concentrator (10 LPM)

Respiratory problems are on the rise due to the pollution levels in Delhi-NCR,  it is best in the interest in knowing how to set up an Oxygen Concentrator correctly is crucial for ensuring optimal health support for your loved ones. Follow these simple steps to set up your oxygen concentrator at home:

Choosing the Right Location:

Selecting a well ventilated area with enough space around the concentrator for proper airflow in very important to ensure the vents are not blocked to prevent overheating.

Plugging In and Powering On with Stabilizer:

Next step is to connect the Oxygen Concentrator to a power supply using the provided power cord. Once connected, let the device go through its startup process.

Position the Cannula and Mask:

Now place the Cannula and Mask securely to cover the nose or the face according to your Doctor's instructions. Ensure that the fit is comfortable to maximise the oxygen intake.

Adjust Oxygen Flow Rate:

Set the Oxygen Flow Rate on the Oxygen Concentrator as per the recommendations of your Doctor. This can be easily done using the knobs or buttons on the Oxygen Concentrator Device Panel.

Check for Proper Operation:

Confirm that the Oxygen Concentrator is producing the intended Oxygen, by checking the tubing and connections for for any leaks or blockages.

Maintain Proper Ventilation:

Do clean the filters and vents as per the device's instructions, periodically.

Safety Measures

Get yourself known with the Oxygen Concentrator's Safety Features and Emergency Shut Off Procedures. Keep backup Oxygen Supply in the form of Oxygen Cylinders, in case of power outages or concentrator malfunctioning.

Regular Monitoring and Maintenance

Keep checking the Oxygen Levels and the functioning of the concentrator on a regular basis. Follow a maintenance schedule outlined in the device's instructions or User Manual to keep the device in the optimal condition.

Seek Professional Assistance

If you encounter any issues or uncertainties during setup or operation, you can contact our technician at +91 9354249495 (Call/WhatsApp) for guidance and assistance.


Setting up an Oxygen Concentrator at home can significantly improve the quality of life for individuals requiring supplemental oxygen. Always follow your healthcare provider's instructions and guidelines for safe and effective use. If you or any one you know require an Oxygen Concentrator to be installed at their home or any other medical equipment like Wheelchair, Motorised Recliner Beds for Patients, Patient Monitor or Hospital Bed, check out our website ( for more information.


NOTE: Remember, this guide serves as general advice. Specific concentrator models may have unique setup procedures, so refer to the user manual provided by the manufacturer for detailed instructions tailored to your device.

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