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5L/10L Oxygen Concentrator on rent in Delhi / NCR with 24 Hrs Delivery. Oxygen Concentrator for rent. Oxygen Concentrator to rent.

5L/10L Oxygen Concentrator on rent in Delhi / NCR with 24 Hrs Delivery. Oxygen Concentrator for rent. Oxygen Concentrator to rent.

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Oxygen Concentrator (5 LPM)

5L / 10L Portable Oxygen Concentrator on rent in Delhi / NCR with 24 Hrs Delivery. Oxygen Concentrator for rent rental. Oxygen Concentrator to rent or sale. Home Oxygen concentrator on rent in India.

An oxygen concentrator is a medical device that concentrates oxygen from the ambient air and delivers it to the patient in need. It is an essential equipment for individuals experiencing respiratory conditions or requiring supplemental oxygen therapy. The option to rent an oxygen concentrator provides flexibility and cost-effectiveness to those who may only need it for a limited period of time. There are mostly two types of Oxygen Concentrator on rent available i.e. 5LPM and 10 LPM Machines. The oxygen Concentrator machine is better than oxygen cylinder because it is affordable and when price is considered, because of purity and filter process. Most common oxygen concentrators on rent are Oxymed, Philips Everflo, Nareena Lifesciences and many more.

Rent medical Oxygen Concentrator in India. Home Oxygen Concentrator is a medical equipment machine providing health care solution. oxygen concentrator machine like philips everflo rent in delhi for home use.

For oxygen concentrator rental, it’s crucial to consider the specific requirements such as the flow rate, portability, and battery backup. These factors will determine the suitable model for the individual’s needs. In addition, the rental price, and after-rental services should also be taken into account to ensure a seamless and beneficial experience.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator on Rent respiratory machine 5lpm gas or 10 lpm gas for surgical use

Portable oxygen concentrators are particularly sought after for their convenience and mobility. They enable the user to lead an active lifestyle without being tethered to a stationary concentrator. Renting a portable oxygen concentrator provides individuals the freedom to travel and carry out daily activities with ease, all while receiving the necessary oxygen therapy.

Oxygen Concentrator for Rent for lowest price. Major cities: Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Pune, Jaipur, Bangalore, Mumbai.

In India, there are various suppliers and medical equipment providers offering oxygen concentrators for rent. The rental options cater to different cities such as Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, and more. Users can find a suitable oxygen concentrator for their specific needs, whether it’s for home use or medical facilities, with the option of renting on a per month basis.

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When considering a portable oxygen concentrator, individuals have the option to choose from 5L and 10L portable units manufacturer exporter give replacement and be used in garden, shop. These units offer varying flow rates and capabilities catering to different oxygen therapy needs. Whether for daily activities or travel, the portability factor is a key consideration for users seeking flexibility without compromising on their oxygen therapy requirements.

5L Portable Units

The 5L portable units are designed to provide a continuous flow of oxygen and are suitable for individuals requiring a consistent oxygen supply. With advancements in technology, these units offer enhanced mobility and efficiency, allowing users to move around freely while receiving the required oxygen therapy. The availability of 5L portable units for rent ensures accessibility and affordability for those in need.

10L Portable Units

For individuals with higher oxygen therapy requirements, the 10L portable units offer a higher flow rate to meet their needs. These units are suitable for individuals with more demanding oxygen therapy needs or those who need a higher concentration of oxygen. Renting a 10L portable unit provides an effective solution for individuals who require a higher flow of oxygen without compromising on mobility.

Rental and Delivery

When it comes to renting an oxygen concentrator, the convenience of 24-hour delivery. Home delivery can make a significant difference, especially for individuals in urgent need. This ensures that patients can promptly receive the necessary oxygen concentrator to support their respiratory needs. This rapid delivery service can be invaluable for those experiencing sudden exacerbations of their respiratory condition or requiring immediate oxygen therapy. the 24x7 delivery to ground floor or upper floor is helpful. Portable oxygen concentrator for travel provide oxygen at 95. The machines use electricity and can also be used in Hotel or home. 

Rent or Sale

Choosing between renting or purchasing an oxygen concentrator depends on the individual's specific circumstances and needs. While renting offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness, purchasing may be more suitable for those requiring long-term or continuous oxygen therapy. Factors such as duration of use, frequency of travel, and budget considerations play a crucial role in deciding whether to rent or buy an oxygen concentrator. It is important to weigh the benefits of both options to make an informed decision that best meets the patient's requirements. The medical grade oxygen purity in best price is important for rent oxygen. Traders of oxygen concentrator rent for best portable oxygen concentrator 

Terms of Renting:

Rental Commercials:

* The commercials for renting any equipment will have three major components:
a. Rental Amount: This is shown on product page.
b. Delivery and Pickup charge: This will be auto-calculated and shown on checkout page.
c. Security Deposit: For this, please refer to Clause 5 of Terms of Renting.

* All the above commercial parameters needs to be fulfilled either before delivery or at the time of delivery.

Continuous flow oxygen concentrator Medical oxygen concentrator price for oxygen concentrator

1. Rental Period: Rental period should be decided in advance. Once selected, we will not be able to change the rental period.

2. Renewals: Renewals are allowed subject to the condition that the intention for renewal is communicated at least 3 days in advance. At the time of renewal, the customer will again have an option to decide the tenure of the renewal from the available option. 

3. Maintainence: Since you are opting this for rental plan, if there is any malfunction, Urban Mediquip will give you a replacement unit within 48 hours. However, if there is any physical damage to the product which can be concluded to have happened because of the negligence of the user or which can not be categorized as normal wear and tear, the repairing cost has to be borne by the user. 

4. Transportation Cost: This will be auto-calculated and shown on the checkout page.

5. Security Deposit: For the purpose of security deposit, the user will have to give a one month post dated cheque amounting to Rs. 5,000/- in favor of "Urban Mediquip Private Limited". The cheque needs to be handed over to the same technician who visits to deliver the product. This same cheque will be refunded at the time of return of the equipment.

6. Refund: In no case shall there be a refund of rental amount. The users are requested to carefully opt for the rental period.

7. Inclusions: The price includes the rights to use the product, delivery and pickup of the product.

Portable 5 LPM oxygen concentrator Home oxygen concentrator machine


- The picture shown on the product page is for representation. The actual product delivered on rent may be cosmetically different but will serve the same purpose as mentioned.

- The product delivered on rent will be a used product however it will be a fair to use product and there will be no compromise in usability of the same.

Oxygen therapy equipment Oxygen concentrator machine for respiratory patients
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